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The Origin of Goblin Tactical

The Origin of Goblin Tactical

When discussing topics for our new blog, we thought it made the most sense to start out by giving you, our customer, a little background on who Goblin Tactical is, how we started, and what we’re all about.


There are 5 equal owners/partners at Goblin Tactical. We met each other circa 2008/2009 through various interactions at Tiger Valley shooting events and courses such as Elm Fork night classes, 4 man team matches, and bug out drills. Our love of firearms and shooting is our common ground, and the more we interacted and got to know each other better we realized we had more in common than just guns. We’re fathers, husbands, and most importantly we’re good, honest people. We quickly became friends.

Over the years we began shooting together, then hunting together, then we took the leap into the wonderful world of night vision and thermal together. We’ve leaned on each other over the years for advice on many different aspects in life including personal issues such as marriage and divorce, financial planning, as well as the fun stuff like guns, gear, and tactics.

An Idea

Over the last few years, we found many of our conversations around the campfire centered on how we could turn our hobby into a side business, and then potentially our main business – all the while keeping it fun and enjoying the outdoors. Finally, in 2018 we were able to form a company together, as equal partners, and begin offering products which are high in quality, fairly priced, and add value to anyone who owns night vision. Then, in 2019, we proudly introduced the first product of it’s kind: the FLIR USB Connection Cover. We were ecstatic to have a tangible product that represented an idea that started as a conversation around the campfire.

Our Mission

When we started the company, our primary focus was easy: our customers. We did everything with your best interests in mind, which is why you’ll see us never sell a product we don’t have in stock, always ship as quick as humanly possible (usually within 24 hours), and openly communicate with our customers. We’ve all been burned before by a retailer at one point or another, and here at Goblin Tactical we realize that our reputation is the single most important thing to our customers. Our sales or profit don’t mean anything to us if our reputation isn’t impeccable.

The Future

The Goblin Tactical team communicates daily via text, has weekly video conference calls, and we try to get together to hunt at least once every couple of months to get away from our day jobs and enjoy doing what we love. We’re constantly discussing new product ideas and how we can continue to add value to our customers. If you have questions about an existing product or would like to become an authorized dealer, we’re always available at

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