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Ok, you can shoot...

Many years ago before Goblin LLC, the Gob Squad used to host night shoots on some very rural property in deep east Texas. The shoots lasted 48-72 hours and were called Goblin Weekends due to the annual event being close to Halloween. Attendees were a mix of veterans, competition shooters, and hunters coming together for a weekend of camping, shooting, and shenanigans. No egos, just a fun weekend of learning from others skill sets.

The events or stages were always scenario based and required that night time stages be completed with ZERO visible light if at all possible. Attendees quickly learned that shooting was often the easiest part of the weekend. Want an example of one of the stages?

Without using visible light, the shooter will change his radio to a new designated

frequency provided to him. Then over the radio he will be read a series

of numbers that will be used to unlock two combination locks later in the night.

Some attendees suddenly realized they had zero writing devices in their kit. Others took sharpies to forearms. It was one of the first stages of the night that weekend and set the tone. The shooting stages were staggered amongst various challenges that covered...

  • Land navigation

  • Rendering first aid

  • Crossing/climbing obstacles

  • Tying useful knots in cordage

  • Tracking boot prints on trails

  • Driving blacked out

  • Searching abandoned structures

  • Setting up a hasty shelter

  • Finding partially obscured or hidden targets

  • Using shadows to avoid detection from others with Nods

Nearly all participants excelled at the shooting stages including a shoot house. But often tasks taken for granted during the daytime became challenges during the 8 mile course in the dark. Reloads and weapon malfunctions were ugly. Finding a CR123 in your pack, a hassle. By the end of the weekend, most walked away with a better appreciation of the need to practice more than just flat range shooting under nods.

Fieldcraft is unfortunately overlooked by many of the bigger social media accounts in our community. Night Vision Fieldcraft (NVF) even more so. For 2021, Goblin Tactical hopes to start a conversation amongst our followers to generate training ideas and share experiences. It's time to grow the community's knowledge and push beyond popular videos of fast split time shooting at 25 feet and reviews of $2,800 IR laser illuminators 90% of the NV community will never own.

We recognize the current environment of prohibitive ammo costs and personal/family budgets being strained. Attending a distant weekend training course and dumping hundred and hundreds of rounds are not realistic to many of our followers . So we plan to offer realistic and experience based training tips. Our goal for Goblin Research is simple...

To provide knowledge on how to greatly increase your Night Vision Fieldcraft (NVF) abilities.

It's time to move the community forward. We hope you will join us.

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