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Getting the Most from Your New Light Bar

Congratulations on buying one of the most powerful IR light bars available! Below are some tips and tricks to get the utmost performance from your new 850 Hunter or 940 Stealth when used with modern night vision.

Height: The higher up you can mount the light bar the better. We always suggest on top of the vehicle for our Plug & Play models. For our wire in/base models, a roof rack is ideal, but if not possible, keep the light bar as high on the vehicle as you can. Mounting the light bar down low can cause the ground immediately in front of you to be highly illuminated by the powerful IR beam and can cause blooming issues in high quality NODs. A low mounted light bar can also cause issues in tall grass when off-roading. This effect will be greatly amplified if the grass/ground is wet from rain or dew.

Reflector Angle: When installing your light bar, pay close attention to the direction of the reflector head. You want your IR light bar to be pointed far out in the distance or just below the horizon. Fight the urge to point the light bar downward or to treat like fog lights. You will have plenty of IR light immediately in front of the vehicle from the flood effect. Your goal is to maintain optimal throw of the IR light.

Keep that Allen Wrench Handy: For our Plug & Play model, keep the Allen wrench handy in the supplied Allen wrench holder located near the end of the power cord. When changing from one vehicle to another or changing locations on a single vehicle, you will likely need to adjust the Reflector Angle to compensate for different slopes of vehicle body panels. An alternative method some prefer is to place the magnetic mounts further back on the top of the vehicle where the surface typically is very level regardless of vehicle make/model.

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