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Who doesn’t like spending quality time in the field with their gear?  Years of experience have shown us that if something could fail, it likely will at the worst possible time.


This has driven us to develop what we see as a must-have item for anyone who owns a FLIR PTS series thermal scope – the FLIR USB Connection Cover (FUCC).  After initially using CR123 batteries in the field, the short runtime and high cost of churning through expensive batteries every 4 hours (at best) pushed us to use external power sources. 


The USB connector dangerously exposes the unit to snags and bumps from trees, fences, ATV racks, etc.  One bad run in with an inanimate object would mean you have to send your expensive thermal weapon sight back to FLIR hoping they can repair the broken USB port.


After months of design and prototype testing, we’re proud to offer an inexpensive solution to protect your investment.  It is made from 3D printed impact resistant ABS polymer and is incredibly easy to install/remove using a 2.5mm allen wrench.


FLIR USB Connection Cover

  • This cover was designed to work with the following FLIR models:

    • PTS233
    • PTS536
    • PTS736
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