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Goblin Tactical is proud to offer what we feel is an exceptional value for those in need of supplemental infrared illumination.  Our Goblin Infrared Light Bars are designed and priced to be a bargain for anyone who needs IR illumination on their ATV, UTV, or vehicle.  Our Goblin Infrared Light Bars are also capable of being mounted on the exterior of a box blind, under a feeder, or anywhere you can provide power.


    The new 850nm Mk 2 has the same specs as the original model with slightly taller feet and the power cord exists the housing from the side.


    850nm Hunter

    Field testing of the 850 Hunter demonstrated the ability to catch the IR reflection from a 1” IR glint square (intended to represent the eye reflection of a game animal at night) out to 300 yards using an OMNI VIII Gen 3 PVS-14.  For most hunters, we highly recommend this 850nm unit.  THE 850nm UNIT WILL PRODUCE A FAINT RED GLOW TO THE NAKED EYE THAT WILL BE VISIBLE WHEN POWERED ON.  This is due to the frequency of the IR spectrum at which this unit operates.  The tradeoff for the visible faint glow is superb light output that will dominate most environments.


    Two Models

    Base model - To give you the most installation options, the base model light bar does not include a wiring harness or other wiring hardware.


    Plug and Play - For ease of use, we offer a Plug and Play model that has a 12 foot power cord with 12v car adapter, and rubber coated magnetic feet.


    Free Shipping to the Continental United States

    Goblin 850nm Hunter Light Bar Mk2

    SKU: LB10I850
    • Backed by a 1-year warranty, Goblin Tactical has spent a considerable amount of time both bench and field testing to ensure these light bars will not fail during your excursions. They are IP67 rated waterproof and will keep running even when you're soaked to the bone.


      During one phase of testing, these lights were on constantly for 7 days straight on both 12v AND 24v power supplies.  This means you can run them indefinitely with the confidence that the light will not suffer internal damage nor diminished output.  While 24-volt power is rare, it is perfect for those who wish to retrofit former military service vehicles with an infrared light source.  


      It should be noted that output does not increase at 24V, it just draws less current to maintain roughly 18W of power consumption.

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