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This is a demo unit. Sold as is.  This is a turn key package if you have a pvs 14 and G24 helmet mount.


Weighing only 7.4 ounces (210 grams), the FLIR Breach can be concealed in a pocket or mounted to a helmet with its mini-rail feature, while adding minimal weight. Additional features include onboard recording and seven palettes.  Up to 1,000 images and 2.5 hours of video on internal memory.  Battery Life (Operating) Up to 90 minutes at 20°C on CR 123.   This unit will run off of a battery bank as well.  Refresh Rate 60 Hz.  This unit comes with a MOD Armory integrated components d-14 mounting bridge for a pvs 14 and flir breach.  The end user can configure which eye each unit is over.  Instructions for mounting are included and a g 24 Wilcox male dovetail is attached.

Used FLIR Breach PTQ136

SKU: MW-Breach
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