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The AGM Sting IR is an incredibly versatile multi-purpose device.  Unfortunately the supplied stock helmet mount from AGM doesn't allow for this potent little HMT to play nice with a PVS14.   So Goblin teamed up with awesome guys over Rayvn Group to see if we could change that at an affordable price.   The end result is an all metal, made in the USA, turn key legit bridge that allows both a PVS14 and Sting IR to slide horizontally to set the correct interpupillary distance (IPD).  Unlike traditional bino bridges that swing out to set IPD, you can change your IPD distances on a Rayvn Rail quickly without tilting the rectangular thermal device screen and still articulate/swing both devices out of the way if needed.   


Need to swap which device goes over which eye? The Rayvn Rail can do it.  Need something that can take a beating? Beat on this all metal bad boy all day.  Want to try out a legit NV/HMT bridge without dropping $1K for a Knights or Wilcox?  The Rayvn Rail will answer the call and still leave enough in the bank to pick up a case of 556 for training. 



Rayvn Rail for AGM Sting IR

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