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The RAYVN Rail for the PVS-14, FLIR Breach® and Armasight® Sidekick thermal devices is a lightweight, all-aluminum, fully articulating bridge system, leveraging a unique pod-on-rail design that allows pods to slide into any position on the rail, without tools, in the field.   The RAYVN Rail system adapts on the go and grows with your needs and investments in night vision and thermal devices.


Whether you start with our single-pod system that holds either your PVS-14 or FLIR Breach® or go straight to our dual-pod system that holds both your PVS-14 and FLIR Breach (or two PVS-14s at the same time), the system’s modularity means you can mix and expand as you see fit. 


This first-of-its-kind rail system provides so much IPD (Inter-Pupillary Distance) adjustability that you can slide our single device setup from your left to your right eye (or vice versa) - in the field - in less than a second. The fully articulating mounts can swing your devices out of the way both laterally and vertically. With RAYVN Group, you never again need to waste your money on multiple, expensive, and incompatible mounts.


  • 3.74oz total weight includes both pods and arms
  • Patent pending
  • Entirely made in the USA out of billet aluminum with Type-3 hardcoat anodizing
  • The RAYVN Rail comes with a transferable lifetime warranty from factory defects
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with bayonet-style night vision helmet mounts. You MUST HAVE a dovetail-type night vision helmet mount.
  • ITAR laws apply

RAYVN RAIL for MUM (Sidekick/Breach)

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