Goblin Booger Hook

Goblin Booger Hook

The Booger Hook is an ABS 3d printed keychain door opener/light switch flipper.  Produced in house, it is designed for use in high traffic public places during flu season to reduce potential transmission of common diseases by reducing touch points.  The Booger Hook can be used as part of your personal protective strategy to prevent contact with surfaces commonly attributed with disease communication, such as door handles and light switches.


The Booger Hook is a simple ergonomic design meant to keep the product easy to carry.  The hook was designed around most commercial door handles encountered in public and the work place and based on the grip width of the human hand.  The protrusion by the key ring hole is ergonomically designed to let the user have a better grip space to open those doors with the heavily weighted handles or hinges.  Our developer has been using this for months and coworkers haven’t noticed him using it to open doors or switch on lights, so the use will be low key.


Please note: we recommend occasionally wiping the hook down with disinfectant or hand sanitizer to prevent cross contamination.


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