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The level of situational awareness you gain for the low price of this drone is hard to articulate.  Small enough to fit in a small pack and yet quiet enough to hover high above and be undetectable to eyes and ears.   The Evo Nano Plus comes packed with high end features including an advanced obstacle avoidance system that is a first for drones in this in price range.  Trust us, the Goblin crew has crashed plenty DJI's mini 2 drones and understand how important this is to preserve the life of your expensive drone.


So why the Evo Nano Plus and not the Evo Nano?   The improved camera.   Be honest, if you're on this website looking at drones, you're not looking at them to inspect roofs or film your 5th wedding anniversary.   This drone's superior camera will help identify objects from further away and give you the advantage of staying at a higher altitude to remain silent and undetected.  


If you're looking to dip a toe into drones without maxing out the credit card, this  little guy checks a ton of boxes without breaking the bank.   Let's look at specs. 



Autel Evo Nano Plus

2 week lead time
  • Sensor CMOS:1/1.28 inch
    Effective pixels:50MP
    Pixel size: 2.44μm*2.44μm (Bin2)
    Lens FOV: 85°
    Equivalent focal length: 23mm
    Aperture: f/1.9
    Focus range: 0.5m ~ ∞
    Focus mode::PDAF+CDAF/MF
    Shooting mode Automatic mode (P gear): EV adjustable, ISO/Shutter automatic
    Manual mode (M gear): ISO/Shutter adjustable, EV not adjustable
    Shutter priority (S file): Shutter/EV adjustable, ISO automatic
    ISO range Video:ISO100 ~ ISO6400
    Photo:ISO100 ~ ISO6400
    Shutter speed Photo Mode:1/8000 ~ 8s
    Other:1/8000 ~ 1/frame rates
    Portrait blur Real-time image transmission portrait blur and photo portrait blur
    Defog mode Support
    Zoom range Digital zoom:1 ~ 16 times
    Photo format JPG(8-bit) / DNG(10-bit) / JPG+DNG
    Photo resolution 50MP:8192x6144(4:3)
    Photo shooting mode Single shot
    Burst shooing: 3/5
    Auto exposure bracketing(AEB): 3/5 shots
    Interval: 2s/3s/4s/5s (default)/6s/.../60s (DNG minimum 5s)
    HDR imaging: 3840x2160
    Video coding format H265/H264
    Video resolution 3840x2160 p30/25/24
    2720x1528 p30/25/24
    1920x1080 p60/50/48/30/25/24
    3840x2160 p30/25/24
    2720x1528 p30/25/24
    1920x1080 p60/50/48/30/25/24
    Max bitrate 100Mbps
    Timelapse Original image:3840*2160,JPG/DNG
    Video:4K P25
    Panorama Horizontal/Vertical/Wide-angle/Spherical
    Original image: 4096*3072, JPG/DNG
    Supported file system Fat32、exFat
    Video format MP4/MOV(8-bit)
    WIFI transfer 20MB/s
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