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Think of the TS35-384 as the TS25-384’s bigger brother.  The main differences are the TS35’s larger front 35mm objective and slightly larger 2.14X base magnification.  At the TS35's heart is the same impressive 384 x 288 core and just like the TS25 it's packed with features like onboard video recording, Picture in Picture, multiple color palettes, Wifi data transmission, a very user-friendly app for your phone, and a no BS return to zero high quality mount from American Defense Manufacturing.  This great QD mount combined with the compact overall size and weight of the Rattler allows for it to easily pull double duty as a handheld monocle for hunters in states where thermal scopes aren't allowed for certain types of game.  


With its larger front 35mm objective and crisp 384 x 288 thermal core, the TS35 can compete with thermal scopes in the $3,500 price range.  The 2.14x base magnification still allows for a solid FOV for hog hunters working on running targets while providing the extra magnification for identification of targets at ranges just beyond the TS25.   Powered by two CR123 batteries, the Rattler provides up to 4.5 hours of continuous operation time. An external 5V power bank (battery pack) can be easily connected via a USB connector (USB-C) to let you hunt all night long.  The Rattler's menu options are straight forward and the external button layout is intuitive and logical.   


Bottomline, at just under $2,500 the Rattler TS35-384 is hard to beat on performance and features. 

AGM Rattler TS35-384 Thermal Scope

$2,495.00 Regular Price
$2,095.00Sale Price
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