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FOR A LIMITED TIME! All TC35-384 purchases will include the $204 AGM eyepiece that allows this Clip-On Thermal to be converted into a monocle/scope. Yes, you can get a traditional clip on, hand held monocle, and dedicated weapon mount scope with reticle from this one device. If you have been looking for a medium range clip on thermal without breaking the bank, the TC35-384 is your choice.


The TC35-384 with the optional removeable eyepiece checks so many boxes at an affordable price point. Included is a high quality ADM (American Defense MFG) QD return to zero mount that is typically found on more expensive optics. Also included is a traditional QR ring for attachment to the front of larger diameter optics but it should be noted this device is more at home on medium range optics.


With the included eyepiece, the TC35-384 can now can be used for hand held scanning or toss it on a rifle using the same ADM QD return to zero mount and activate the scope reticle for a base 1x magnification traditional thermal scope with the same multiple reticle options, onboard recording, wifi streaming, Picture in Picture (PiP), multiple color palettes, digital zoom, etc found on AGM's Rattler line of dedicated weapon optics.


This little thermal has us falling back in love with our ACOG's and LPVO's. In field testing, we found the various daytime optics with BDC's allowed easy hits at medium ranges. We do not recommend dialing your optic up beyond 6x magnification in clip on mode as performance starts to suffer.


Rattler TC35-384 has a 384×288 thermal detector and 748×561 OLED monitor, which provides clear image under harsh environment conditions like darkness, fog, smoke, dust, rain, snow, wood, camouflage, etc. The product is mainly applied to scenarios such as patrolling, hunting, etc. The Rattler TC35-384 can easily be attached in front of rifle scopes with magnification up to 6x for medium range use. Onboard Wi-Fi module for live video streaming and video/images recording via application are also available. The AGM Rattler TC35-384 is a compact thermal imaging clip-on system that allows quick transformation of day optics into night optics without any special tools or equipment.


384×288 thermal resolution, high sensitivity detector

Image processing technology: Adaptive AGC, DDE, 3D DNR

748 × 561 resolution 0.39-inch OLED display

8x digital zoom

Video recording and snapshot, built-in EMMC (16 GB)

Supports distance measurement

Adjustable color palettes

Wi-Fi data transmission

Waterproof, shockproof

Up to 4.5 hours continuous working

External power supply capability

Limited 3-year warranty

AGM Rattler Clip-On TC35-384 w/ FREE Eyepiece

SKU: AGMRatt-TC35-384
  • Shock and vibration - 750 g/ms

    Detector type - 17μm, Uncooled, 50Hz

    Standby Mode - Yes

    Resolution - 384x288

    Detection Range - 1750m/yd

    Snapshot - Yes

    Lens system - 35 mm; F/1.0

    Optical magnification - 1x

    Field of view (H × X) - 10.0° x 8.0°

    Digital zoom - 2x, 4x, 8x

    Imaging palettes - Jungle, Recognition

    Display - Yes

    Storage - Built-in EMMC (16 GB)

    Video/Photo Format - Yes

    Battery Type - Two CR123A (3V) Lithium or two RCR123 (up to 4.2V) Rechargeable Batteries

    Wi-Fi - Yes

    Battery Life (Operating) - Up to 4.5 hr

    External power supply - 5V USB

    Operating Temperature Range - -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)

    Degree of Protection - IP67

    Weight - 0.42 kg (0.93 lb)

    Overall Dimensions - 153.2 × 62.5 × 59.2 mm (6.03 × 2.46 × 2.33 in)

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